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Tape Processing / Slitting Lines

coil storage, coil approach device, coil turning device, coil lifting carriage, lifting beam transport device, decoiler, coil winder, double head coiler, sleeve transport, cut-to-length lines, straightening device, profile forming lines, tape lines

Seperating, Cropping
cross cut shear stationary, cut-to-length swivelling shear, partitioning shear

Scrap Processing
tape trimming coiler, scrap coil elevator, carriage with scrap container, automatically catching scrap trimming side guard

Packaging Lines
coil packaging, plate packaging, packaging: vartical / horizontal axis with turnstile, traversable tilter for ring removal, ring displacement device, turning table, binding device, lifting beam with scale device, tilter device, roller tables, cross conveyors, scale unit, lift-down piler tables

Piler Plants
roller table, tape suction piler, magnet piler device, carriage, stopper, lifting device, chain transport, piler table, turning device, turning roller table

Special Equipment
coil approaching device, coil centering 32t,  lifting beam transfer to tilter, tilter 32 t, beam transfer to container 3x 32 t, container, rails, lateral puncher


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