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Strand Casting Plants, Rolling Mill Lines

pusher, tilting device, furnace groups

Finisher, Warm Shear Lines for Wire/Fine-Steel/Medium-Steel/Beam Lines

pendulum shears, 4-link shears, crank lever shears, crank shears,

cooling bed shears (start-stop drives / coupling-brake combinations with periphery f.e. switches, sample collector)

Cooling Bed Groups for Fine-Steel/Medium-Steel/Beam Lines

lifting beam cooling beds, turnover cooling beds (various drive systems, devices befora and after like apporach roller table with brake device, transfer device,  removal roller table), cooling device for rolls

Cold Shear Lines

stationary, with cropping stopper, remaining ends pusher, sampling, knife changing unit

Sawing Lines

stationary/movable, combined abrasive cut sawing plant with periphery

Finisher for Fine-Steel/Medium-Steel/Beam Lines 

in flow with cross transfer, bundling device, piler devices, packet collecting bed for round bars and beams

Finisher for Wires

wire finishing with slot collector, coil replacement devicer, lifting device, coil transfer, turning disk, centering device



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