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Engineering und consulting for mechanical engineering and steel constructions, reconstruction, drive systems and transfer devices


Together with worldwide operating partners we consult, project, design, assemble and deliver components of facilities f.e.

  • long-product rolling mills slitting lines
  • cut-to-length lines
  • and various special machines.



Facility Constructions Mill Line TechnologySpecial Equipments
  hot rolling and strand casting:  
strand casting lines strand casting transports tape tables
wire lines warm shears pill press devices
heavy plate lines
cold shears lateral punchers
intermediate steel lines
saws pinch controls
fine steel lines
cooling beds plate turnover devices
reconstruction of steel production plants finisher magnet piler
piler plants cold rolling: S - roller tables
finishing lines coil approach device  
warm shear lines coil removal device  
 cold shear lines coil transport  
 packaging lines scrap trimming coil device  
to get strand casting and rolling mill technology from one source tape suction piler  


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